Bitextor installation

Bitextor can be installed via Docker, Conda or built from source.

Docker installation

Bitextor is available via Docker:

# download latest release:
docker pull bitextor/bitextor
# OR master branch nightly build:
# docker pull bitextor/bitextor:edge
docker run --name bitextor bitextor/bitextor

For more information about Docker installation and usage consult our wiki.

Conda installation

Same as with Docker, Bitextor can be easily installed using a Conda environment with the following commands:

BITEXTOR_CONDA_CHANNELS="-c conda-forge -c bitextor -c bioconda -c dmnapolitano -c esarrias"

conda install $BITEXTOR_CONDA_CHANNELS bitextor

For latest updates, nighty version is available (new versions are only released when major features/bug fixes are introduced):

conda install $BITEXTOR_CONDA_CHANNELS bitextor-nightly

If you want a concrete version, you can look in the Anaconda Repository or use the following command:

conda search -c bitextor bitextor

Be aware that you might need Hunspell dictionaries for Bicleaner and Bicleaner AI due to Hunspell. Check FastSpell for more instruction about Hunspell dictionaries.

In order to install Miniconda or Anaconda you can follow the instructions of the official page, but if you want to install Miniconda (Linux x64), you should execute the following (it is an interactive installer, so you will need to follow the steps):


If you are experiencing troubles installing new versions of Bitextor in your environment, you can try the following commands:

# Be sure you do not have any other versions installed
conda uninstall bitextor
conda uninstall bitextor-nightly

# Remove old and cached packages which might be installing other unexpected dependencies/versions
conda clean --all

Currently we only support Linux x64 for Conda environment.

Manual installation

Step-by-step Bitextor installation from source.

Download Bitextor's submodules

# if you are cloning from scratch:
git clone --recurse-submodules

# otherwise:
git submodule update --init --recursive

Required packages

These are some external tools that need to be in the path before installing the project. If you are using an apt-like package manager you can run the following commands line to install all these dependencies:

# mandatory:
sudo apt install git time python3 python3-venv python3-pip golang-go build-essential cmake libboost-all-dev liblzma-dev time curl pigz parallel

# optional, feel free to skip dependencies for components that you don't expect to use:
## wget crawler:
sudo apt install wget
## warc2text:
sudo apt install uchardet libuchardet-dev libzip-dev
## Bicleaner and Bicleaner AI:
sudo apt install autopoint libhunspell-dev
### Hunspell dictionaries (example)
sudo apt install hunspell-es
## Biroamer:
sudo apt install libgoogle-perftools-dev libsparsehash-dev
## Heritrix, PDFExtract and boilerpipe:
sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk
## PDFExtract:
## PDFExtract also requires protobuf installed for CLD3 (installation instructions below)
sudo apt install autoconf automake libtool ant maven poppler-utils apt-transport-https ca-certificates gnupg software-properties-common

If you are using a RPM based system, use these instead:

# mandatory:
sudo dnf install git time python-devel python3-pip golang-go cmake pigz parallel boost-devel xz-devel uchardet zlib-devel gcc-c++
## sentence splitter:
sudo dnf install java-latest-openjdk-devel.x86_64
## Moses Perl tokenizer
sudo dnf install perl-FindBin perl-Time-HiRes perl-Thread
## warc2text:
sudo dnf install uchardet-devel libzip-devel
## Bicleaner and Bicleaner AI
sudo dnf install hunspell hunspell-devel
### Hunspell dictionaries (example)
sudo dnf install hunspell-es
## Bicleaner:
sudo dnf install gettext-devel gcc-gfortran python3-devel openblas-devel lapack-devel

C++ dependencies

Compile and install Bitextor's C++ dependencies:

mkdir build && cd build
# other prefix can be used, as long as 'bin' is in the PATH and 'lib' in LD_LIBRARY_PATH
make -j install

Optionally, it is possible to skip the compilation of the dependencies that are not expected to be used:

cmake -DSKIP_MGIZA=ON -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/.local .. # MGIZA is used for dictionary generation
# other dependencies that can optionally be skipped:

If you are installing Bitextor within a conda environment, you might like to execute the following commands instead of the provided above:

mkdir build && cd build
CPATH="$CONDA_PREFIX/include" LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$CONDA_PREFIX/lib" make -j install

Golang packages

Additionally, Bitextor uses giashard for WARC files preprocessing.

# build and place the necessary tools in $HOME/go/bin

# mandatory
# all tools (optional)
#tools="giashard giashardid giamerge giastat"

for tool in $(echo "$tools"); do
  go install${tool}@latest

Pip dependencies

Furthermore, most of the scripts in Bitextor are written in Python 3. The minimum requirement is Python>=3.7.

Some additional Python libraries are required. They can be installed automatically with pip. We recommend using a virtual environment to manage Bitextor installation.

# create virtual environment & activate
python3 -m venv /path/to/virtual/environment
source /path/to/virtual/environment/bin/activate

# install dependencies in virtual enviroment
pip3 install --upgrade pip
# bitextor (all dependencies):
pip3 install .[all]
# additional dependencies:
pip3 install git+
pip3 install ./third_party/bifixer
pip3 install ./third_party/bicleaner
pip3 install ./third_party/bicleaner-ai[transliterate]
pip3 install ./third_party/kenlm --config-settings="--build-option=--max_order=7" # Bicleaner and Bicleaner AI dependency
pip3 install ./third_party/biroamer && \
python3 -c "from flair.models import SequenceTagger; SequenceTagger.load('flair/ner-english-fast')"
## neural
pip3 install ./third_party/neural-document-aligner
pip3 install ./third_party/vecalign

If you don't want to install all Python requirements in requirements.txt because you don't expect to run some of Bitextor modules, you can comment those *.txt in requirements.txt and rerun Bitextor installation. Also, there are different optional packages that you can choose depending on your needs instead of install all of them:

# Install all the optional dependencies
pip3 install .[all]
# Install warc2preprocess
pip3 install .[w2p]
# Install dictionary pipeline dependencies instead of MT
pip3 install .[dictionary]
# Install only the mandatory dependencies
pip3 install .

[Optional] Heritrix

Heritrix is Internet Archive's web crawler. To use it in Bitextor, first download Heritrix from here and unzip the release.

# download

To use heritrix, Java has to be installed and JAVA_HOME environment variable must point to Java installation. HERITRIX_HOME environment variable must be set to the path where heritrix was unzipped. Make sure that heritrix binary is executable.

# configure
export JAVA_HOME=/path/to/jdk-install-dir
export HERITRIX_HOME=/path/to/heritrix-3.4.0-20210923-dist
chmod u+x $HERITRIX_HOME/bin/heritrix

Before running Bitextor with heritrix, Heritrix Web UI should be launched, specifying the username and the password. The URL will be https://localhost:8443, unless specified otherwise.

# run
$HERITRIX_HOME/bin/heritrix -a admin:admin

Heritrix Web UI settings (URL and username:password), along with the installation directory should be passed to Bitextor via heritrixUser, heritrixUrl and heritrixPath configuration parameters.

heritrixUser: "admin:admin"
heritrixUrl: "https://localhost:8443"
heritrixPath: "/path/to/heritrix-3.4.0-20210923-dist"

If you experience problems with these steps or want additional information please refer to this guide.

In Docker it is located at /home/docker/heritrix-3.4.0-20210923-dist and is not running by default, i.e. it should be launched manually before executing Bitextor crawling with Heritrix.

[Optional] Protobuf

CLD3 (Compact Language Detector v3), is a language identification model that can be used optionally during preprocessing. It is also a requirement for PDFExtract. CLD3 needs protobuf to work, the instructions for installation are the following:

# Install protobuf from official repository:
# Maybe you need to uninstall any other protobuf installation in your system (from apt or snap) to avoid compilation issues
sudo apt-get install autoconf automake libtool curl make g++ unzip
tar -zxvf protobuf-all-3.18.1.tar.gz
cd protobuf-3.18.1
make check
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

Some known installation issues

Depending on the version of libboost that you are using given a certain OS version or distribution package from your package manager, you may experience some problems when compiling some of the sub-modules included in Bitextor. If this is the case you can install it manually by running the following commands:

sudo apt-get remove libboost-all-dev
sudo apt-get autoremove
tar xvf boost_1_77_0.tar.gz
cd boost_1_77_0/
./b2 -j4 --layout=system install || echo FAILURE
cd ..
rm -rf boost_1_77_0*